Meet Steve DAVIES

Meet Steve DAVIES!

Meet Steve DAVIES, Senior Infrastructure Consultant at Sogeti!

My name is Steve Davies and I’m a Senior Infrastructure Consultant for Sogeti Switzerland. I am based out of the Zurich Area. I’ve been with Sogeti since October 2015 and have been working solidly for one of their clients who are in the process of an Office 365 transformation project; hence my focus being The Cloud, and more specifically Office 365.

I am a little bit of a cocktail. Born in Spain to mixed parentage; Welsh and Singaporean. I grew up pretty much between Asia and the UK. But now, Switzerland is my home.

Background wise, I have been in the IT business for over a decade; from Notes Development to Network LAN & WAN Builds to Migrations to GoogleApps and Microsoft Office365, or BPOS back in the day. This has developed me, given to me the experience in finding right solutions for today’s enterprise challenges.


Tell us about your studies and certifications

The majority of my studies revolved around the technical aspects; Notes, Microsoft, Google, Firewalls. As a former systems engineer, these studies required the consequential certifications. As it stands today, Masters in Engineering, Masters in Science, P-TSP for Microsoft, ITIL, NLP, FBCS are the ones which are current. However, as you can imagine, being in the IT Business means constant evolution. So these beautiful abbreviations will continue to expand!


What is your professional background?

Fundamentally, IT. My professional career started out in IT Sales, then into IT Support, then my big break as a Notes Administrator and from there onwards; a Systems Engineer. Being sent around the world to perform upgrades, changes, solutions and so forth.


Why did you choose to work for Sogeti?

I was nearing the end of a contract when, out of the blue, Sogeti contacted me about an enterprise transformation on Office 365. Listening to them talk about this client and the challenges, I knew this was something I would like to get my teeth into. I didn’t know much about Sogeti apart through LinkedIn and the general Google Searches, but one thing that did keep appearing which I bonded well with; “the personal touch”. It is a Big, international, multi-cultural company, able to hold it’s own; but still with the capability to relate on a personal basis.

From what I’ve seen since being with Sogeti; this is 100% true.


On what kind of project do you usually work on? And on what kind of project you would like to work on?

If I look back at the projects I’ve dealt with; the majority have been transformations; Notes to Exchange, Exchange to GoogleApps, Exchange to Office365, Domain Migrations, Building of LAN’s and WAN’s. The one thing that sticks out; it takes a great team to see these projects to fruition. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the team becomes your family.


Can you describe the most interesting project you’ve done recently?

My current project is an Office 365 Transformation for an Enterprise Level, Multi-National Company. There areMultiple Teams dealing with various different aspects of Office 365; Exchange, Sharepoint, Skype and so forth. I’m in the role of Architect whereby I have visibility of the whole system. My responsibilities are, effectively, making sure the system is built to the best practices listed, but also to accommodate the client’s unique requirements. Another part of my role is as Devil’s Advocate; challenging Microsoft and the client to see if something has been considered, is required to be changed, maybe customized a little too much.

Whilst migrations to the Office 365 have a whole plethora of advantages; there are also the nuances that have to be considered. It is these nuances that something I have to challenge.


Which challenges do you meet in your work?

For me, an English guy working in Switzerland whereby the local language is Swiss German or German; the language sometimes becomes a challenge. My style of talking, speed or even using some “English Catchphrases” are sometimes not understood. However, as with all things, adaptation is required. And I guess, learn German.


In your opinion, what trends will revolutionize company’s way of work?

Adaptation and communication are two main aspects for any company to survive.

Adaptation as we are in the IT Market as the systems are in constant evolution, we have to keep up and sometimes stay ahead of the game. We are providing solutions to companies; it is nice to be one step ahead and maybe say “have you considered this angle, or this technology, or even wait a few months as something will be coming out which would suit your requirements perfectly.”

Communication; this is one word you’ll see as a challenge for all companies. However, with Sogeti, not so much. Why? At times, feels more like a family than a company.

Lastly, thanks again for dropping by and having a read!

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