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Meet David DUPONT!

Meet David DUPONT, Digital & Mobile Consultant at Sogeti Switzerland!

David Dupont is a Digital and Mobile senior consultant at Sogeti Switzerland.

He is totally addicted to web technologies and development, and he started working on the Microsoft .NET environment 10 years ago. He also digs into various systems and technologies like Windev / Web dev and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP…). David is still curious about all others ecosystems.


He is passionate about implementing technical solutions addressing client needs, and he is also working on the following platforms:

  • SharePoint
  • Umbraco
  • Sitefinity
  • BlogEngine
  • Salesforce


Tell us about your studies and certifications

I chose to follow the IT path and specifically the development part since I’m 16.
That’s why I chose the following studies:

  • DUT: computer science and technology (2 years)
  • License: Distributed architectures (1 year)

I have also got 2 certifications to complete my education:

  • .NET 4 Certified Developer
  • Sitefinity Certified Developer


What is your professional background?

First, I worked during 1 year as a developer for BK Systemes, a Warehouse management software company.

Then, I worked as a .NET analyst developer for Emakina.CH. I stayed 7 years on this Digital and Marketing Company

I am a Digital and Mobile consultant at Sogeti Switzerland since 2014.


Why did you choose to work for Sogeti?

Mainly for the strong team spirit that I felt during my interviews with the practice manager and the Human Resources department. When I started to work at Sogeti, I was sure that I would be able to find back relationships that I lost on my former company, and I was right.
Moreover, being a Part of CapGemini group is a real strength for Sogeti Switzerland, as well as being deeply focused on local markets. These 2 elements make Sogeti able to answer to the Swiss market expectations.


On what kind of project do you usually work on? And on what kind of project you would like to work on?

I really enjoy digital and marketing-related projects, like the public facing website. I love digging into new technical paradigms that appear every year in that area.

I also enjoy working on a mobile connected project, being able to involve customers in order to show them that they can drive any evolutions they want on their solutions.

I would love to start new projects with continuous integration totally defined using Azure, and also some machine learning project to show customers that it will change the way they are doing businesses.


Can you describe the most interesting project you’ve done recently?

The Shell should be my natural answers. That solution powers hundreds of websites. An extra layer over SharePoint publishing features which allow contributor’s to work in a really user-friendly way when they built their website and easily extensible.

That solution totally overrides SharePoint behavior to allow URL rewrite, clean rendering and device compatibility, data encryption, distributed caching, etc…

But I could also speak about smaller projects like that generic Azure backup tool that I wrote recently to be able to backup MySQL database hosted on Linux servers, into the cloud.


In your opinion, what trends will revolutionize company’s way of work?

Cloud is going to be the future!!!!
And companies need to adapt themselves to that tsunami which means new learning path for all contributors. They also have to be able to get back dynamism in an area where process and slowness are the most important concerns.

Cloud is going to transform them and push automation and fastest delivery process on top of all other concerns.


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