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Meet Elodie MARTINOT!

Meet Elodie MARTINOT, Senior Consultant at Sogeti Switzerland!

I am Senior Consultant supporting our customers in their Digital Transformation. I work with Sogeti since 2014 for the German speaking area, located in the Basel office. I am french and has traveled and worked in different countries before joining Sogeti in Switzerland.

With a generic background in management, I have been working in many IT transformation projects which have given me a good understanding of IT challenges that most organizations are facing today.

I am currently working in Lucerne, on an O365 implementation project for one of Sogeti’s client.


Tell us about your studies and certifications

After an IUT in Sales Techniques, I joined the ESC La Rochelle Business School where I graduated with a Master in Project Management. During the master program, I did a 1 year Erasmus in Germany, Mainz, at the European Business School, and I spend 1 year in Australia, Sydney, working for a Logistic Consulting company.

I started working for a company specialized on Gas for my last internship, involved with the Change Management team in driving the change around a SAP implementation. This is how I entered the IT world! After my internship, this company offered me a 1 year VIE (Volontariat International en Entreprise) in Austria, Vienna, where I was in charge of implementing a new CRM for all Sales team in Eastern Europe.

I got certified PMP in 2015 and currently working on preparing the Change Management PROSCI certification.


What is your professional background?

Since I finished my studies, I have always been involved in IT projects for organizations which were implementing new IT tools. Even though I do not have an IT background or deep IT technical knowledge, I have always been supporting the customer’s transformation along their IT projects.

IT projects often impact the organization and the working processes as a whole, and I have always been interesting to discover and understand customers through their IT. The IT infrastructure reflects very often the company’s organization and shows the ways for improvement.

Before joining Sogeti, I have been working for various IT consulting companies. Most significant experiences were with a french Google partner company, dedicated to supporting customers in their Google Apps implementation.


Why did you choose to work for Sogeti?

After working 6 months for a Google partner in Stuttgart in trying to build a partnership with this company. I finally decided to move to another step in my career. I wanted to join a global company to work in an international context. Sogeti Switzerland was a perfect opportunity to embrace a multicultural working environment in a single country where I could be involved on various projects, not only on Google Apps topics.


On what kind of project do you usually work on?

I am usually involved in implementation of IT tools to support the change and help the organization to adopt a new way to work. My role can be different from one customer to another, depending on the requirements.

However, my objectives are always to smooth the transition, and help to whole organization to see the value of the change.

Many people see my value in organizing training, where training is actually only a very small part of what Change Management is. Helping the organization to change includes a large range of activities like:

  • Raising the awareness among the management
  • Creating the dynamic for change
  • Defining the scope of the change
  • Analyzing the impacts of the change
  • Defining the team and agents to lead the change and build the core knowledge base
  • Designing the training and knowledge strategy
  • Defining the communication strategy
  • Enhancing change quick wins and make people exciting about this change

Many times, customers make the mistake to think the change is one shot action, whereas change only starts to happen when the tools are implementing.

Changing is a long process that the organization needs to plan far before the project, and drive seriously during and after the project.


Can you describe the project that you currently work on?

Currently, I am supporting one of Sogeti Client’s organization in its O365 implementation. Different streams are included in the project, and I am responsible for the End User Adoption stream.

This company is a very decentralized organization, and the O365 project is driving them towards a more globalized structure.

The company wants to change the way its employees work together with a New Digital Workspace, more collaborative, that brings people closer together. The new Digital Workspace will be a big change for the entire organization that will require transforming processes and working habits.

As main activities, I am designing the whole service package content that we will provide to the countries with material, help, documentation and guidelines to enable the different groups of users: local support team, VIPs, technicians workers and office workers. These services package includes many topics from training and communication.


Which challenges do you meet in your work?

My work often put me in multicultural environments. While being a very motivating asset, it can be very challenging also. Different cultures, ways of thinking, background, interests, native languages makes the communication flows really arduous. It requires a high level of patience and humility.

In the IT world, change management, or transformation management, is not always recognized and seen as an entire piece of the project. Very often, the change is driven by technical constraints or decisions at first glance, when the opposite way would be most appropriate. A big challenge is to enhance the fact that any switch to new IT tools should always be driven by a high voluntary to change together with strong leadership from the management. Management often makes the mistake to think that IT tools will be the solution when actually these tools are only the components supporting the management’s requirements.


In your opinion, what trends will revolutionize company’s way of work?

Being able to continuously adapt to change is for me the key criteria to be successful.

A company with a strong management leadership encouraging its employees to try, make a mistake, experiment things always to find the solution to work better is a successful way for an organization to be valuable. 

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