Meet Jochem

Meet Jochem BOKKERS!

Meet Jochem BOKKERS, Senior Software Consultant at Sogeti Switzerland

Jochem Bökkers was born in the Netherlands and raised on the ZX Spectrum.

He came to Sogeti by way of Dubai and work as a senior consultant and pre-sales focusing on our web offerings and more specifically Telerik/Progress based solutions using tools like Sitefinity, Telerik Platform and Digital Experience Cloud.



Tell us about your studies and certifications

Well as a kid growing up I always wanted to work in Silicon Valley so I started studying Software Engineering in the early 90's. This was when Windows 95 was still a glimpse in Bill Gates' eyes and bulletin boards were still the forerunners of the internet and the education was equally lacking.

I found myself more and more teaching myself Borland C++ and Turbovision in between lessons and switching to studying Information Technology.

This self-teaching principal has kept me going throughout my career where I've always kept focusing on usable knowledge and value over formal education.


What is your professional background?

Actually it's fairly counter trend, I started my own company way before free-lancing became popular and have been consulting/implementing since early 2000.

For the last ten years, I've focused this mostly around the Sitefinity platform. Similar to my student years, I've used this as the central point carving out a niche and kept evolving my expertise and skills set around it. Starting off with implementation, then focusing on migrations and architecture and recently more into analytics and cross-platform utilization.

This allowed me to become the proverbial jack-of-all-trades yet become an expert on the platform and earned me the Telerik Most Valuable Professional (MVP) title and allowed me to become part of the Telerik Developer Experts.

This focus on Sitefinity has allowed me to do projects across the world for both clients and agencies until in 2013 I joined a company in California. In 2014 I moved to work for a leading agency in Dubai, until I joined Sogeti earlier this year.


Why did you choose to work for Sogeti?

Over the years I've always worked directly with clients for a migration project or worked with agencies for implementations. While I thoroughly enjoy this, the nature of the business is always project driven and it does not give you the opportunity to work long-term with a client.

While Sogeti, as a service company, is also driven by projects, it has a different relationship with its clients that allows you to contribute to a client's digital strategy on a long-term as well.

The web these days is overloaded with buzz words like "digital disruption" and "transformation" but there are real problems lying underneath these over marketed terms, and it’s exciting to be part of a client's digital future and be allowed to address these problems and assist in shaping their long term roadmap.


On what kind of project do you usually work on?

My role is actually split between internal and client work. Internally I assist with pre-sales and advocating Sitefinity within both the group and the DACH region (Deutschland, Osterreich, Schweiz).

Externally or my client projects can be best characterized by the drivers to those digital disruption buzzwords: Cloud Scalability, DevOps, Marketing automation and unified user/brand experience.

Where we propose solutions to move a client’s web infrastructure to the cloud, build the tools and infrastructure to reduce time-to-market significantly. All using the Sitefinity platform at its core.

Also currently I'm kick off an internal project which will perfectly illustrate the Sogeti motto of "Local touch, Global reach" providing a personalized experience yet spanning a global market.


Can you describe the most interesting project you’ve done recently?

Over the years there's not really been any boring projects, each client or project brings its own unique challenges that make it interesting. Sometimes its integration related, with others the architecture or project governance, I always find something unique in each one that makes the best one yet.

The most rewarding however to me are the ones where the client clearly sees the value or is rewarded for the solution. Like recently a telco pushing its most successful commercial launch in its 12 year history or a financial institution receiving multiple banking awards for its vision and innovation.


Which challenges do you meet in your work?

The two biggest challenges would be "overcoming trend fatigue" and "regulations".

Because of the over-hyping of things like digital disruption or customer experiences, clients are becoming more hesitant to act when those problems need to be addressed. In a recent industry survey, 65% of respondents acknowledged that they were in denial yet 90% of organizations see digital transformation as important or critical.

The second biggest challenge, at least in the digital market we face are regulations.

The internet operate globally, yet each market comes with its unique set of local regulations that hinder and financially hurt organizations to truly embrace digital transformation whether it’s the new EU privacy laws or storage and backup restrictions like the US, China and Russia have put in place.


In your opinion, what trends will revolutionize company’s way of work?

The two biggest would be "DevOps" and "BI".  As more and more silos are being teared down and information is becoming readily available for data-driven decision making we'll see more and more decision being automated.

This will be done in a combination of ioT, data lakes, machine-learning and workflow engines. So perhaps the traditional understanding of the term Business Intelligence is not applicable as it will not be about presenting managers with business information, but actually taking the decisions for them.

This automated decision making only increases the importance of DevOps in order to reduce time-to-market while increasing ROI on any project in order to stay ahead of the competition.

This will also revolutionize companies like ours, where expertise (expert implementation to deliver faster, expert knowledge to guide BI) will become an even more valuable asset as projects will decrease in size but multiply in volume, and only the most agile will be able to provide the right value to its customers.

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