Interview Pierre Vroyldandr

Meet Pierre VROYLANDT!

Meet Pierre VROYLANDT, Software Control Testing Consultant at Sogeti Switzerland


Pierre Vroylandt is 31 years old and started to work at 24.

He is French and works as Software Control Tester Consultant at Sogeti Switzerland for 2 years. 




Tell us about your studies and certifications

As many people working in the High Technology business, i wasn’t belonging to the IT world at the beginning. My first choice was industrial drawing, in which I have a degree. I also have a master degree in IT project management, from the Savoie Mont-Blanc University in France and the Quebec University in Montreal. To complete my education and specialize myself, I have got the ISTQB certification, mandatory for anyone working on Testing!


What is your professional background?

My first job was in a huge SSII, which initiates me at Testing. It was an opportunity to discover new applications dedicated to the banking sector and so discover a new career opportunity. Banks are very good areas to learn because there is always a high-quality level of work expected. As the necessary knowledge on the legal topics are very accurate and always changing, you have to remain aware constantly and to be very curious. It is a perfect training to become rigorous and efficient.


Why did you choose to work for Sogeti?

Actually it was Sogeti which chose me! The recruitment service had been able to identify my profile on social Medias, and they offer me a mission which was perfectly adapted to my profile. That the way I started to work for a steady client of Sogeti.

I chose to keep working for Sogeti because even it’s a human scale business, the company benefits of the Capgemini group support and expertise. This feature is very interesting because it allows to keep developing Sogeti’s expertise about the swiss market thanks to the closeness, and also using global knowledge and resources from Capgemini. Moreover, this human scale allows to all contributors to create links between them, to share personal and technical values and ideas, although usually doing this is quite difficult for consultants who are working on the client side all over the year.


On what kind of project do you usually work on? And on what kind of project you would like to work on?

Most missions are dedicated to banking softwares growth. This kind of mission needs a strong analysis of the specificities and perimeter to define the best more relevant test strategy, and also propose relevant and cheaper regression campaigns. In my job, projects manager trust me to organize strategy regarding my work perimeter.

In the future, I would like to spend more time in managing projects, and why not turn back to my first love: the industry sector.


Can you describe the most interesting project you’ve done recently?

As many companies, my current client decided to move his development and qualifications teams to India. My mission is to support this transformation in the better way, bringing my help and my knowledge to the new Indian teams. Working remotely is a real challenge, especially with languages and culture differences. But it’s also a good way to discover and learn, sharing with other people.

In September, I will go there to continue their training and integrate new contributors


Which challenges do you meet in your work?

For a consultant working on long time missions, the hardest thing is to have an overview of what is happening outside of his own organization. Identify trends technologies and methodologies used on the market can be difficult because companies don't communicate about that. Fortunately, Sogeti often organizes internal testing events in order to remain consultants aware about trends and technologies. Everyone from the testing team can present a topic, a software or a technology of his choice to other attendees. It’s a good way to maintain contact between team members and enrich everyone’s knowledge. Sharing experience is also a way to progress, to be able to use new ideas to improve his own job every day.


In your opinion, what trends will revolutionize company’s way of work?

Management is currently changing on many organizations, trying to anticipate the next clash between X, Y and Z generations. In the future, there will be huge challenges to support companies adapting their way of think and work.

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