Victor Camara Bados

Meet Victor CAMARA-BADOS !

Meet Victor CAMARA-BADOS, Strategy Consultant at Sogeti Switzerland

Victor Camara-Bados was born in Spain and started young his international career by being an intern in an International Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

After working for a world famous IT company in Ireland, he joined Sogeti-Capgemini in August 2015 and is currently involved in IT Strategy projects within several multinationals and international organizations.


Tell us about your studies and certifications

I have a degree in Information Science from the Complutense University of Madrid. Meanwhile studying I worked with the Distinguished Professor Ph.D. Alfonso López-Yepes. During that period, we published 11 scientific papers and spoke in 3 congresses. Regarding the certifications I own, they could be summarized as Project Management Professional (PMP), ITIL, and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). I am also certified in Nintex and Metalogix. I would like to remark that I truly believe in continuous training and recycling of soft and technical skills in this changing industry.


What is your professional background?

I covered wide areas such as Nearshore Team Leading, Case and Project Management, or Microsoft software consulting. I was mainly dedicated to big projects for multinationals, corporations, and Organizations.

At the beginning, I worked in several companies of the Oil & Gas industry, later in government-owned companies. My experience in a famous IT company opened my eyes to the Digital Transformation at the workplace.


Why did you choose to work for Sogeti?

After being in Ireland, I was willing to relocate to Centre Europe and since when studying my Master I had the opportunity to do an internship in an International Organization here in Geneva, I have to confess that I felt in love with the city, and decided that someday I would come back. I had good references from Sogeti and Capgemini Spain, so I didn't doubt it; I also liked the internal Practices Structure. 


On what kind of project do you usually work on? And on what kind of project you would like to work on?

I mainly work on projects related to Microsoft Technologies such as SharePoint and Office 365, from Presales to Delivery, including Project Management. Lately, my role is being re-conducted to Strategy Consulting.


Can you describe the most interesting project you’ve done recently?

There are many, but I would select a project at an international organization which included the re-establishment of a SharePoint environment including Governance, Policies, Change Management, Information Architecture and User Adoption.

Our experience in implementations helped technically but also from an organizational point of view the customer, assuring the project success in that particular moment, and also for the future.


Which challenges do you meet in your work?

I would say the Change Management: as humans, we reject changes that affect our life, we prefer staying in our Comfort Zone, so those environmental changes at work implies changing the actual way we work. In many occasions, we have to help organizations to embrace new tools and methodologies which, at the end of the day, reflect positively in their productivity.


In your opinion, what trends will revolutionize company’s way of work?

In my area (Digital Workplace) the trends that will revolutionize companies are: the Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and in general the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This digital revolution is technology-driven, and the Digital Transformation can be considered as a core for the Corporate Performance and Productivity. Under these premises, companies disrupt or they will be disrupted.

As in most business transformations, senior team commitment is fundamental. It is our mission to create awareness and alignment. The CEOs should become the principal advocate of the transformation program.


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