current vacancies

Current Vacancies

There are thousands of job opportunities within the Sogeti companies worldwide waiting for you. Don’t wait a minute longer! Take the first step to professional development and join Sogeti Switzerland !

By joining forces with us you enter the Sogeti world with over 20.000 colleagues in 15 countries. You will work with the best, putting your talent into innovative projects that makes the world of difference to our clients. 

Your future is bright, your future is Sogeti! 

Priority profiles

Sogeti Switzerland becomes Capgemini Switzerland!

Please check out our open position on and join the Capgemini Swiss team!


 Our job opportunities :

 We do not have job opportunities about Testing for the moment

Digital & Mobile

 Our job opportunities :

 We do not have job opportunities about Infra&Cloud for the moment

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HR Contacts
  • Annaick Duwattez
    Annaick Duwattez
    Human Resources Manager
    +41 (0) 22 879 16 50
  • Anne-Lise
    Anne-Lise Delarbre
    Recruitment Officer
    +41 (0) 22 879 16 66