Application Management

“Next Generation Application Management”, an enabler for CIOs looking to enhance Business - IT Partnership

To help you achieve greater business agility and performance, we’ve increased the business relevance and flexibility of our Application Management services.

What is different in our new model?

·       Business process focus method: This links applications to underlying business processes. It ensures that continuous improvement is prioritized based on business criticality and measures and that it articulates the impact in terms of business value

·       Service performance insights: Delivered through configurable, mobility enabled, real-time performance dashboards

·       Built-in innovation: We offer integrated portfolio management and transformation and crowdsourcing innovative ideas

Application Management

A Complete Package with Global Best Practices

Our commitment to Business Process Focus brings in significant business and cost advantages. Through an active Service Management as a Service (SmaaS) experience, we crucially link up-to-date applications to business-critical processes. Therefore, you get a complete package with global best practices well-knit into the solution.

You receive:

·       Delivery of Outcomes: While maintaining a focus on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) like traditional AM, our next generation Application Management platform additionally encompasses application and business process performance.

·       Tools for greater simplicity: The foundation of our AM platform is an integrated, highly industrialized and reliable Rightshore delivery platform. It encompasses standard plug & play processes and tools for rapid deployment.

·       Flexible and scalable: Our platform offers, for instance, flexible staffing to handle business fluctuations and alternate pricing models.

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