Cyber Security

Sogeti offers a complete range of Cyber Security services, in order to accelerate your business, protect your assets and reputation, and comply with security standards and regulations.

The rapid evolution of cybercrime has made security a top concern for business leaders around the world. Between 2013 and 2014, there was a 120 per cent increase in the number of cyber-attacks globally, while the estimated cost of cybercrime to the average organization increased 10 per cent to US$7.6m per year. With hackers now having a significantly better understanding of the systems they are targeting, their increased precision represents a serious threat to organizations with potential financial, reputational and safety implications.

Because most economic processes are now digital, insecurity is taking an increasingly heavy toll on the economy:

  • attacks against operational systems and infrastructures (i.e. e-business, e-commerce, industrial systems, etc.) can result in direct loss of business or revenue;
  • interception of electronic communications and intrusions into information systems can result in massive theft of sensitive corporate or customers information;
  • loss or leak of confidential or personal data can cause serious harm to the reputation and could lead to lawsuits and financial penalties.


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Our Security Views

Based on our experience with customers across multiple industries worldwide, we are convinced that:

  • Management is expecting practical and cost effective solutions to cyber risks, both for their internal IT, as well as for the industrial systems (ICS and SCADA), and the products and services that are delivered including: embedded software, Cloud platforms, engineering and integrated manufacturing systems between partners.
  • Organizations are facing strategic and economic issues regarding cyber security. Answers are technological, regulatory and organizational as well as cultural and behavioral.
  • Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The Security Operations Centers (SOC) must strengthen their capacity for data analytics, including vertical knowledge.
  • Application development and infrastructure management should systematically integrate a security dimension (e.g. static and dynamic testing).
  • Technological knowledge is a key success factor that depends on consequent investments in R&D and partnerships with the major actors of the market.

Our Cyber Security Approach

From Information Technology to Operation Technology

Development of cybercrime and technologies as well as regulatory and normative pressure, are forcing organizations to intensify their efforts in the field of cyber security. Cyber security aims at protecting critical infrastructures as well as sensitive information and at securing new uses of information systems: cloud and mobility, social media, interconnected industrial systems, connected products.

To help companies and public organizations to bring Cyber Security at the right level, Sogeti has developed a systemic approach to Cyber Security that combines Assessment services, Consulting, Architecture and Solutions Deployment, Monitoring capabilities, Analytics and Mitigation/Remediation services. Learn more here.

Our Assets

  • Unique capabilities from IT to OT (ICS, SCADA, embedded systems), leveraging our worldwide practice dedicated to Global Engineering Services;
  • Sogeti is the global leader in testing, bringing our experience to security testing with methods, capabilities & assets both in hardware and software;
  • 3 SOCs (Toulouse, Luxemburg, Mumbai) boosted by analytics services and an ability to support customers in building their own dedicated and optimized SOC;
  • R&D, ethical hacking teams and a licensed IT Security Evaluation Facility;
  • Agreements with, and recognition from, National Information Security Agencies;
  • Strategic alliances with IBM and Microsoft, and a strong network of international and national partners;
  • References in all verticals: critical infrastructure’s owners, defense, aerospace, government, telecommunications, finance, transportation, energy & utilities, health care, industry;
  • More than 1,000 security experts across the world at Sogeti and Capgemini.

We can provide

Sogeti’s extensive scope of security capabilities can help to provide end-to-end security solutions that meets the specific needs of your organization. This scope includes:

Our End-to-End Response Capabilites

Sogeti’s offerings cover the whole spectrum of professional Cyber Security services that an organization needs to secure and defend its data and processes, from traditional information technologies (IT) to industrial and embedded operational technologies (OT):

Our Offerings
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