Cyber Security Managed Services

We provide real-time analysis alerts and managed services (monitoring, tracking, investigation) and investigation following a cybercrime to identify the incident & ensure information system /device recovery. 

From its three Security Operation Centers (SOCs) in Toulouse, Luxemburg & Mumbai, Sogeti provides permanent monitoring and analytics services with the following objectives:

  • Manage and monitor logs (who does what, when, where and how) conforming to the legal constraints and regulations
  • Detect non conformities, malware and intrusions
  • Alert on suspected security incidents then support in the resolution of serious security incidents
  • Provide indicators and measured statistics on the level of IT security
  • Perform and manage digital investigations
  • Collaborate with the crisis team if the event arises
  • Improve threat detection capabilities by carrying out weak signals detection and specific analytics
  • Propose improvements of the operational IT security tools and processes

Cyber Security testing services can be delivered on customer site or from Sogeti SOCs, with a dedicated or shared infrastructure. It encompasses multiple sources integration and is provided with best-in-class SIEM solutions:

  • IBM QRadar
  • RSA Security Analytics

Why choose Sogeti

  • Capacity: 3 SOCs (Toulouse, Luxemburg & Mumbai) with large dedicated and professional teams and a 24x7 capability
  • Expertise: a complete and thorough expertise in cyber security, supported by world-class R&D teams
  • A capacity to support the client’s global security approach with a full spectrum of Cyber Security professional services (build the detection system, improve analytics, remediation…)
  • A proven organizational process (a most important factor in the quality of service)
  • Expertise encompasses industrial and embedded systems
  • Partnerships with several best technology suppliers which offer market leader solutions

Examples of References

  • The French Space Agency (CNES)
  • A large aerospace company

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