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Cyber Security Testing

Stressing out vulnerability/flaws in IT security (infrastructures & applications) to protect data and ensure IT security functionality and operability. 

We provide all Cyber Security testing services that aim to assess the level of vulnerability of infrastructures and applications, including:

  • Application security testing: analyze a code in a non-running state (static testing) or in a running state (dynamic testing) to check all vulnerabilities; includes interactive application security testing to combine both approaches.
  • Vulnerability testing and Penetration testing: find vulnerabilities that can allow hacking an IT infrastructure or service, if required exploit vulnerabilities to demonstrate how the system can be hacked.
  • Other services: secure software development lifecycle, product security evaluation, security testing consultancy services, training & awareness, social engineering testing, DDOS resilience, physical penetration…

Cyber Security testing services can be provided on all sorts of infrastructures and applications, such as:

  • Websites
  • Mobile applications and devices
  • Cloud
  • Enterprise information systems, including ERP, legacy applications…
  • Industrial systems
  • Things & products

Why chose Sogeti

  • Capacity: about 50 permanent auditors/testers in Europe and India
  • Expertise: A complete and thorough expertise in cyber security, supported by world-class R&D teams
  • A world class leader in testing
  • Expertise encompasses industrial and embedded systems
  • Partnerships with several best technology suppliers which offer market leader solutions

Examples of references

  • Netherlands ministry of Security & Justice
  • French Ministry of Defense
  • Many National & local Governments
  • European Telco
  • European large banks
  • Large industrial companies

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