Customer satisfaction

High Customer Satisfaction

We measure customer satisfaction.

Quality for us is to deliver what our clients want. Before an assignment we therefore discuss and document what the client expects from us, followed by a close collaboration with the customer to assure that our contributions fulfils the clients expectations throughout the assignment. In this way we are able to continuously improve the service that we provide. Finally the client evaluates our efforts based on the goals and priorities defined by the client at the beginning of the assignment. OTACE – On-Time and Above Customer Expectations.

Client Expectations

Our Customer Satisfaction tool OTACE was launched already in 1995 and it is today an acknowledged and appreciated tool that we consequently use in our assignments. The customer has to evaluate our work with a mark between 0 and 5. Our goal is always to provide service that exceeds the client’s expectations and the result of our measurements show that we are very successful reaching that goal.

Quality is definitely part of Sogeti Switzerland DNA:

2014 AVERAGE OTACE :         4.67/5

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